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Food producing cities aren’t far away, but we need a catalyst. The Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation is here to connect, enable and amplify the change out there. In order to tell stories that matter and enable urban developers to transform their (mega)cities into thriving food producing areas, we depend on people and organisation who donate. Big or small, anything is welcome.

Public deed

The Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation aims to further the development of solutions that contribute to the creation of healthy living and working environments within urbanized areas worldwide, in particular by creating so-called ‘Sustainable Urban Deltas’. Sustainable Urban Deltas are understood as parts of metropolitan areas where green belts will be integrated into urbanized areas, stimulating an entrepreneurial culture and enhancing more social coherence by maintaining food production within the city, while solving many environmental problems related to living, mobility, energy, water and save and healthy food.

How we work

The Foundation’s purpose shall be achieved by:

  • Stimulating the development of projects that foster healthy, sustainable, green cities all around the world;
  • Creating opportunities on a social, ecological and economic level in collaboration with city governments, city planners, real estate developers and other third parties to develop a living and working environment with clean energy, drinkable water and safe and healthy food;
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge in a virtual platform and spreading the integrated solutions needed with a documentary about Sustainable Urban Deltas;
  • Motivating inhabitants, organizations, policymakers and developers of metropolitan areas to integrate sustainable green belts into urbanized areas.

Tax exemption

Would you like to donate? The Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation is formally established in Switzerland and has received confirmation for the exemption from taxes on income and capital on federal, cantonal and municipal level. Based on Art. 56 lit. G DBG (direct federal tax law) and §57 Abs. 1 Bst. g StG (tax law on stamp duties) respectively, legal entities, which pursue public or charitable purposes, may be granted tax exemption on income and capital, which is solely and irrevocably dedicated to such purposes.

Our details

  • Bank: CREDIT SUISSE (Switzerland) Ltd.
  • Address: PARADEPLATZ 8
  • City: 8070 ZURICH
  • IBAN CHF: CH33 0483 5162 4584 0100 0
  • IBAN EUR: CH96 0483 5162 4584 0200 0
  • IBAN USD: CH69 0483 5162 4584 0200 1
  • Clearing Number: 4835

Looking to find out more about the mission and vision of Sustainable Urban Delta before you donate? Watch our free 40-minute documentary!