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about us

About Us

Food producing cities aren’t far away, but we need a catalyst. We are here to connect, enable and amplify the change out there.

How we work

The Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation was established to inspire megacities to make choices that open the door to healthy and sustainable urban growth. A crucial element of our approach is the production of local, healthy and fresh food. This can either be done inside cities or on undeveloped agricultural land surrounding cities, known as green belts. We aim to be the catalyst and the connector in order to create a better future.

Our impact

The challenges megacities face are multi-facetted. And so are our solutions:


By telling stories that matter, we aim to inspire urban developers and engaged citizens

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By including food production in urban planning, we provide the missing link, enabling urban developers to make impact

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Based on our decades of experience, we help (mega)cities become food producing Sustainable Urban Deltas

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Meet the team

Pedro Carvalho

Research Lead

Marinus Luiten

Business Developer

Transforming cities

In order to show how urban environments can be transformed, we help city governments, organizations and citizens to create tangible results.

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In order to tell stories that matter and enable urban developers to transform their (mega)cities into thriving food producing areas, we depend on donations. Big or small, anything is welcome.
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