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Get Involved

You can help us inspire and empower cities to become food producing communities, creating a healthy and sustainable living environment

Join the movement

Changing the way we produce and transport food will kick-start the circular economy, boost social cohesion and stop food waste altogether. We’re not far away from food-producing cities, but we need a catalyst. We are here to connect, enable and amplify the change out there.

Are you a mayor, city government official, city planner, architect, real estate developer, entrepreneur, engaged citizen or potential sponsor keen to get started? This is how you can get involved.

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Urban Developers

In order to create a world full of food producing cities, urban developers from all around the globe need to become part of the wave of change. From government officials to mayors and architects; when it comes down to creating sustainable urban deltas, we need everyone.
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Engaged citizens

Do you believe in a world full where food is produced locally and sustainably? And where urban agriculture is used to create healthy and circular communities? Then you are in the right place! Read on and find out how you can get involved.
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Sustainable Urban Delta is a non-profit foundation that depends on donations. Together with our sponsors, we kickstart new projects to enlarge our impact. So if you’re interested in becoming our partner, please read on.
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Transforming Cities

In order to show how urban environments can be transformed, we help city governments, organizations and citizens to create tangible results.