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6 inspiring podcasts celebrating sustainable urban food systems

· 3 Minute Read
6 inspiring podcasts about urban agriculture

All around the world, farmers, city planners, chefs, and citizens are joining the growing movement of local food production. We picked 6 podcasts for you to introduce you to their views, motivations, struggles, and challenges they encounter in their quest for a fair, local and sustainable food system.

1. The Urbanist

The Urbanist is a podcast covering a variety of topics around urbanism: from mobility to health to architecture. Food production is widely discussed as well. Listen to the episode about a new Agri-hood in Vancouver, where residents reconnect to locally grown food, find out how the founder of the Sitopia urban farm in London is bringing her project to life, or get inspired by renowned architect and urban agriculture advocate Chris Precht about his vision on how to integrate food production into buildings.

2. Locally Grown In

With the Locally Grown In podcast from Agritecture, you travel around the world to some of the most inspiring urban farms. In ten episodes produced from ten different cities, Agritecture founder Henri Gordon Smith explores the threats and opportunities for local agriculture by looking at existing data and interviewing leaders from the local food movement in cities.

3. Local Bites

The Local Bites features inspiring interviews with leaders of localization efforts around the world. As the food system is a crucial element of the localization movement, a number of episodes focus on local food production. Listen to the story of the Copenhagen Food Coop, a member-owned alternative to mainstream grocery stores, learn about food sovereignty in the global economy or discover how to build a thriving farmer’s market from the ground up.

4. Regenerative Skills podcast

With hundreds of episodes and new ones added every week, the Regenerative Skills Podcast is an ever-growing source of inspiration for anyone looking to contribute to a regenerative world. Guests on the podcast include Michael Ableman from Farm the City and Sole Food Street Farm and Curtis Stone, author of the Urban Farmer.

5. Edible activist

Edible Activist is a podcast where dynamic people of color in the food and agriculture space share personal food journeys, stories, and perspectives that stem from the land. From Rob “Veggie” Horton fighting food insecurity in Nashville, to The Green Scheme family teaching kids about food and entrepreneurship, podcast host Melissa L. Jones welcomes inspiring guests each week, many of them being initiators of grassroots movements that are using the power of food to reshape communities.

6. Big Ideas Into Action

The World Resources Institute has (re)launched a podcast series about seven urgent global challenges: climate change, energy, food, forests, water, cities, and the ocean. The podcast explores topics such as how to create a sustainable food system, or how we can tackle the issue of food waste, where food waste expert Toine Timmermans explains his vision for cities (and a world) without waste.

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