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We inspire and empower cities to become food producing communities, creating a healthy and sustainable living environment.

Sustainable Urban Delta

The City and the Green Belt

From climate change and biodiversity loss to obesity: most social and ecological challenges can be solved by bringing sustainable food production back to the city. In this 40-minute documentary, Meiny Prins takes us on an eye-opening journey.

Transforming Cities

In order to show how urban environments can be transformed, Sustainable Urban Delta helps city governments, organizations and citizens to create tangible results.

Sustainable Urban Delta

Our Mission

What if the green belts where food is produced were integrated into urban areas? This would create exciting new opportunities on a social, ecological and economic level. But where do we start? It is not as difficult as you think. Sustainable Urban Delta is here to show the world that it is possible. Or better yet: that it’s already happening!
About us